glossary of terms

Content -  This is the information and/or services available on the website. This can be in text or image formats.
Domain -  This is the type of internet address your website uses. Australian businesses use the ‘’ type domains, while ‘.com’ and ‘.co’ and other domain extensions are available for businesses and information service providers.
Indexing/indexation – The act by a search engine of storing information about a webpage.
Keyword – The term(s) entered into a search engine that are used to find a particular web resource.
Query (Search Query) – The collective term for the keyword(s) entered by a user into a search engine.
Ranking – The position held by a website on a search engine, when searched on by a given keyword. eg. 3rd on for 'luxury accommodation new zealand'
Search Engine – A website on the internet such as that is used to find the name and address of other websites.
(Re)Submission – The process of sending information to a search engine with a view to being listed on that search engine.
<metatag> -  These are parts of a website’s code where information on the content of the website may be stored for easy access by search engines to aid their assessment and listing.
URL – A website’s name or address such as
Website Hosting-  This is the act of housing your website on a server for the rest of the world to view.

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